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BKT Development is a full-service commercial real estate development company located in Kansas City, MO. The company is actively engaged in all phases of the development process.

BKT Development has extensive experience partnering with communities to develop the infrastructure necessary to support a mixed-use development. BKT is currently involved in the development of various mixed-use projects aiming to provide a live, work, and play environment for communities experiencing growth.

Kansas City

Citihome KC Mixed-Use

The project is located at 635-637 Prospect Ave, occupying a street block between E 6th Street and E 7th Street, Kansas City. Comprising two buildings, one standing three stories tall and the other four stories tall, this project will encompass a total square footage of approximately 82,000 square feet. It will house 78 thoughtfully designed apartments and boast around 9,300 square feet of eight dynamic retail spaces. Moreover, to ensure convenience and accessibility, we plan to provide 95 off-street parking spaces.

The primary objective of this project is to contribute to the improvement of the surrounding neighborhood by creating durable and reliable structures that meet the needs of the community. The development will focus on providing affordable housing options to address local demand, while also incorporating vibrant retail spaces to enhance the overall neighborhood appeal.

The buildings will prioritize durability and reliability in its design and construction to ensure long-lasting structures. High-quality materials and construction techniques will be utilized to achieve this goal, providing a safe and comfortable environment for residents and visitors.

Project Milestones

December 01, 2023

Land purchasing

June 27, 2023

Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority (LCRA) of Kansas City voted to approve a ten-year, 100% tax abatement for the increased property’s taxes resulting from the redevelopment project

September 5, 2023

Kansas City Planning Commission approved the rezoning of this project to Urban Redevelopment (UR) zone

September 27, 2023

The project received the final approval from the City Council to rezone the CitiHome KC mixed-use project to UR zone under the case number CD-CPC-2023-00109

October 5, 2023

Mayor Quinton Lucas of Kansas City signed the ordinance No. 230821, rezoning the project site located at 625-637 Prospect Ave from District B3-2, B4-5 and R-6 to District UR and approving a preliminary development plan and preliminary plat to allow for retail and apartments uses (CD-CPC-2023-00109)

August 30, 2024

Building Permit Submittal

December 2024 (estimate)

Building Permit Approval

March 2025

Construction Commencement

May 2027 (26 months)

Construction Completion

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We’re a team of investors, architects and real estate professionals.

Thong Thai

Thong Thai

Managing Member

Henry “Butch” Dougherty

Member, Construction Manager

Hao (Bill) Huynh

Member, Financial Manager

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